Aesthetics is the study of the criteria of beauty. Here all the details are important ... because beauty is in the details. Aesthetics in dentistry means not only white, healthy and properly shaped teeth, but also proper dental arches alignment. All the constituent factors affect the overall look of our smile. We should also bear in mind the mutual relations between the teeth and gums that is red-white aesthetics.

Other important factors are proportions of the length and width of teeth crowns and harmony with respect to facial soft tissue. Beautiful and healthy teeth are the basis for their proper functioning. Additionally, they make you feel good, contribute to higher self-esteem and boost our confidence in interacting with other people. Cosmetic dentistry includes all sectors of dentistry and deals with improving the appearance of teeth and face.

Virtually all the activities of dentists can be classified as what we define as aesthetic dentistry. Teeth, cosmetic fillings, scaling and removing plaque, dental prosthetics, periodontics, surgery and orthodontics.

Stomatologia estetyczna Radom Stomatologia estetyczna Radom
Patient aged 25, developmental malformation: delayed passive eruption of teeth. Distorted proportions of the crowns: relatively short and broad crowns. The enamel-cement ridge is hidden deep beneath the gingival margin. In addition, the patient has a malocclusion and suffers from bruxism. In the labial area, there are visible heavily worn edges of incisors and canines nodules. Also, as a result of injury upper left tooth 2 is missing. The patient underwent periodontal surgery involving elongating clinical crowns of the teeth. The surgery resulted in more elongated, slimmer crowns instead of worn, grated, broad and disproportionately short crowns. Then an implant was placed and a temporary adhesive bridge was made. After a period of osseointegration the final prosthetic work will be done. Also bruxism treatment was introduced.